Kubbs AR

Design and development of an augmented reality app to make a perfectly sized Kubb field.



​​Kubbs AR is a personal project I have worked on in my free time. The app helps people who want to play Kubb to make a perfectly sized rectangular playing field by visualizing a virtual Kubb field on the ground using augmented reality. By using augmented reality the user knows exactly, without measuring, where to put the kubbs.

The Goal

​​The goal was to learn more about how to design for augmented reality on mobile devices. Because I like to play Kubb in the park and had a problem with making a perfectly sized field, I decided to solve this problem and at the same time learn more about augmented reality.

The process

​​I started with research on best practices for augmented reality by browsing the internet and testing other augmented reality applications. After developing user requirements I started designing the user flow. Because prototyping with tools like Invision or Axure is difficult when designing for augmented reality I started with developing the basics for the app first, so I could really feel and see how it worked before adding the rest of the functionality.

When I finished developing the first fully-functional prototype, I tested the app with some potential users in the park and made, based on their feedback, some changes to improve the interaction design. It was for example difficult to see the highlighted virtual spots the physical kubbs have to be placed on. To improve this I animated those virtual spots to make it look like they are jumping up and down to help the user see them better.


​The app is currently available in the Google Play store for everyone who enjoys playing Kubb and does not want to argue about whether the field is positioned correctly.



Key screens


First time use

When launching the app, an introduction screen let you quickly understand what you can do with the app and how it works.

Place the virtual field on the ground

​when the app identified a flat surface the kubb field appears. By Moving the camera the user is able to place the field anywhere he wants. By locking the field the field will stay on its place and the physical Kubb blocks can be placed on the highlighted spots

Schiphol airport